• Who am I?
My name is Jo, I am a 20-year old girl from Luxembourg but currently living in Wales. I’m studying Marketing with Management at Aberystwyth University.
  • What am I passionate about?
I have many different passions: I did dance for 15 years and cheerleading for 10 years. This blog will however be more about Beauty, Fashion, travels, DIY’s, photography and a bit of cooking.
  • How long have I been blogging for?
I have been bloging since I was 13 but I only recently redesigned the entire blog and vibe. I wanted to start fresh and create a space where I feel more inspired and passionate.
  • What’s the meaning behing my blog name?
I have kept my original blog name since I first started because Golden Bohemian gives me a nostalgic feeling. The part “Golden” in the name relates to my blond hair which a lot of people used to describe as golden. Furthermore “Bohemian” relates to Queen’s legendary song Bohemian Rhapsody which is very dear to my heart and also shows my love for music.
  • Who made your header?  

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