Short Trip To Cardiff

Friday, August 18, 2017

On Monday me and my boyfriend drove down to Cardiff for a short but sweet trip. It was such a lovely and fun trip for us although I didn't take many photos I'll talk you through our stay. We stayed at the Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel and Spa which is close to Cardiff centre by a short walk. It was a lovely hotel to stay in and we were lucky to get the room for around £55 instead of £120 a night on Mystery Hotel. We were also lucky our room was on a rather high floor and we had a view all over Cardiff with massive windows which was absolutely beautiful. The hotel also had a beautiful and clean gym as well as a pool which we used twice during our stay. 

After we've arrived we walked into the centre and had a little stroll around the different arcades. We went to a lovely little cafe which we discovered during our last stay which is located in the Wyndham Arcade: Waterloo tea. We treated ourselves to their amazingly smooth Soy Lattes and just like during our first visit we were amazed by the taste of it. We both agreed this was the best coffee we've ever had (which means a lot coming from two coffee lovers).

We then did quite a bit of shopping and later had dinner at Wagamama's. We actually wanted to go to Livelounge but after one drink we left as we felt slightly too old compared to the rest of the people in there on this particular day. We somehow ended up at a Drag show and just had a fun night. After a lot of gin we then walked back and went to bed.

After having Nando's for lunch on the second day, we then drove to Cardiff Bay which was my first time visiting so I was especially excited. We felt a little tired from the previous day and night-out so we just walked around a little and went on the touristy ferry-wheel.

After this we only popped into a few shops to get Natas, a milkshake etc. We then drove back to Aberystwyth as my boyfriend had to work on the day after. Overall it was a lovely little trip and I would highly recommend Cardiff to anyone who loves Vintage shops, cute cafes as well as a fun night-out.

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  1. Wonderful post and what lovely pictures! x

  2. Really enjoyed the post.... Cool text and images....


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