Harry Potter inspired makeup brushes | demo + review

Sunday, August 13, 2017

For those of you who know me, know that I am a massive Harry Potter fan and I obviously love makeup. My boyfriend got me this HP-inspired brush set as a gift and I was just extremely excited to try them out which is why I am sharing with you not just my blogpost as an overview and review of the set but also a video as a demo. This eye brush set looks very similar to the one that Storybook Cosmetics created. However I am pretty sure this one is a dupe for it, as my boyfriend bought it off Amazon and it didn't come in the pouch the Storybook ones did. I think this set is a lovely gift idea for anyone who loves the fandom and is interested in makeup. The brushes are quite heavy which really surprised me, they didn't seem to be made out of cheap plastic material, the bristles are also soft and are synthetic.

  • Dome-shaped small crease brush: This makeup brush is actually Harry's wand and I like this brush to apply inner corner highlight. However I think it is a bit harsh to use as a blending brush in the crease or outer V. In my demo I used it to place product in the other V rather than blend it using this brush.
  • Flat liner/brow brush: This wand is supposed to represent Hermione's wand and is a flat liner or brow brush. In my demo I used it for the lower lashliner as I think this brush may be a bit too wide to do liner or use it to fill in brows. Other than that it's a decent brush.
  • Angled fluffy brush: This wand is Ron's and I liked this brush as it was extremely soft. It was however slightly too big to use on the eyes but I believe this brush would be nice to put setting powder closely under the eyes.
  • Large fluffy crease brush: This is my favourite brush when it comes to the wand design, this is of course the Elder wand. In my demo you can see that this brush actually saved my whole eye makeup look. However I thought the bristles of this could have been a bit shorter to give a little more control when working in the crease.
  • Flat shader brush: The last brush is by far my favourite and I also love the design of Voldemorts wand. This flat shader brush is very small which is lovely to precisely apply the lid colour on the eye. 
Here's my demo:

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