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Monday, July 31, 2017

It's that time of the month again where I am sharing with you the little things that I really enjoyed the past month. It has been an eventful month but also one filled with work, as I spent most of my days at my summerjob working in a bank, which was a great experience but I also spent lots of free time with my friends. In a week I am flying back to the UK to visit my boyfriend who I haven't seen since mid-June so I'm looking really forward to that and to spend some time back in Wales eating sausage rolls and having Carvery.

What am I proud of this month? I am proud that I managed to push through this job, working with customers which I've never done before and I really did my best to overcome my fear of making little mistakes.

Here are some bits that I enjoyed this month:

I've got these babies in the sale for 35euros instead of the actual 85 these cost which was an amazing deal. These shoes have just been my go-to style if I want to wear a casual-chic outfit where I want to look put together yet wear comfortable shoes. They are made of cotton but have a metallic coating which makes them more waterproof than Superga's normal cotton styles, so you can even wear shiny fun shoes on rainy days.

This month I have discovered two lovely makeup removing products, both of which use the micellar technology. The first product is the Nuxe Micellar Cleansing water which is infused with rose petals and has a lovely feel to it, it is great for sensitive skin. It really shows its removing powers when taking off face makeup. Its smell is absolutely divine which makes the makeup removing experience feel a lot more luxurious and pleasant. The Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing wipes have also impressed me this month, they are lovely to remove every last trace of facial makeup. However, I wouldn't recommend these to remove eye makeup (especially waterproof) if you experience sensitivity in that area from time to time.

It is extremely rare for me to be this hyped about a shower products but Soap and Glory just knows how to make me love their brand. The brand is well-known for its cute (you could also say kitsch) and vintage-inspired packaging but what really makes them stand out is the lovely scent their products have. I've always been rather indifferent about my choices of shower gel but now that I've tried this, I'm never going back. The clean on me shower gel has a lovely milky texture which will leave your skin feel moisturised and fresh while it also smells amazing and not too strong (I'm fussy okay). I would highly recommend you try this as its a massive bottle which usually lasts me for three months, so in my personal opinion it is worth the £6.50 .

Mac Velvet Teddy is one the brands' many classic shades that are extremely popular. I've had this lipstick for years and I'm almost out of it. I've actually lost this matte lipstick for a couple of months and I could just tell how much I wanted to reach for it which is why I think it deserves a mention in today's post. It is one of my favourite lipshades of all time, as it goes with pretty much every look and is very timeless.

The past month I've loved this Square neck bodysuit from Forever21 as I just love the simplicity of the shape. I like to pair it with something more textured like a denim item for instance to contrast the simplicity. I enjoy how diverse this type of bodysuit/top is and I also believe it looks flattering on most body types which is always a plus.

I am also going to upload my July favourites in video format on my youtube channel very soon with some additional favourites like my 2 favourite songs of the month and a product I disliked.

Have a lovely week xx

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