Trend alert june ¦ The new IT star sandal

Saturday, June 17, 2017

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed recently and I’ve come across this pair of sandals over and over again. I’ve seen them not just on there but also on blogs as well as Youtube. They really caught my attention for their fun and unique design as well as their ancient greek god vibe. After doing some research I’ve found the brand who initially started the trend: Loeffler Randall. The „Starla Ankle Wrap sandal“ is available in 4 colours by the brand which are white with gold stars, black with black stars, brown with gold stars and a completely golden pair. The sandals retail for $195 and are made of real leather. For those of you who don’t know I love stars on pretty much anything nowadays, even my phone case has silver stars on it (from Rebecca Minkoff) which made me instantly fall in love with this style.

I’ve found two fairly similar dupes for this higher end sandal for those of who don’t want to spend this amount of money for sandals. I personally only wear a pair of sandals for 1 or 2 years generally, therefore I don't need the highest quality shoe. Especially as a student I can’t justify paying that price.

Steve Madden’s dupe is called the „Whitney“ sandal which I could only find on the American website and on Amazon in rose gold (loooove rose gold). This one looks similar but has a little front piece that goes between your toes but the overall idea of having star sandals still remains. Initially it retailed for $70 but is currently reduced to $50. I am sure the European Steve Madden website will stock these soon as they always get the newest styles after they’re released in the US.

An even cheaper and the most accessible dupe for this pair of shoes is from New Look. They look exactly the same as the Steve Madden dupe style-wise and are also in a rose gold colour. This dupe is 26,63 euros on Asos but is currently reduced to 19 euros on the New Look website.

What are your thought on these sandals? I would love to know x

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