Minimal daily make-up look ¦ Summer 17

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hey everyone, today I’m sharing my daily „fresh“and easy make-up look for university. Personally I’d rather wear a fresh and healthy looking type of make-up look than a heavy-duty foundation to go to class on a casual day. The products I use for this are mainly drugstore with some exceptions I like the types of looks which enhance your own personal features rather than hide what you dislike about your face.

I start doing my make-up with a clean face with some moisturizer. First step of my make-up routine is primer, in this case a pore minimizing primer which I don’t necessarily need but I like to use it as a type of barrier of my makeup and my skin. After this I apply my trusty CC cream which I purchased over and over again. I’ve been wearing this on a daily basis for 2 years now and it has never failed me.
After this I apply this light and radiant concealer which instantly gives to the look of being a more awake and healthy-looking. Of course I have to set this concealer using a translucent powder which keeps it from creasing and the excess oils from coming out.
After this step I usually do my eyebrows which I like to fill in due to my rather sparse and light coloured eyebrows. I am very unconfident about my brows when they’re not filled in so this is an essential step for me to make me look more put together. I like to add a bit of brow mascara to set the brows and to give more “volume” to the brows. 
The next product I apply is bronzer which helps me look healthier and less like I’m living in cold Wales. My preference usually is a matte bronzer because it looks more natural and like the sun actually turned these areas darker rather than a glitterstrip of bronzer. To further enhance my natural teint I like to put on some blush, I usually tend to go for corals or more suttle pink shades. 
My next step is something I only do if I feel a bit sassy for uni which is highlighter. I love these shimmerstrips because they offer you a large variety of different shades you can use for your face. I like to highlight the tops of my cheekbones, the top of the nose, cupid's bow as well as my innercorner of the eye. 
The next step in my summer make-up routine is mascara after I've curled my lashes. This is my favourite mascara out of all the ones I've ever tried. I even have a backup of it in case I run out. Also, I curl my lashes on a daily basis, I really think it makes a big difference for me personally and I hate just applying mascara without it as it just doesn't perform as well.
To finish it off I usually go for my All nighter setting spray or any other setting spray I have to refresh my face and to make it stay on all day. I usually use a cheaper alternative but on this particular day I used the Urban Decay setting spray.
Generally I only put on some type of balm on my lips and that's my easy summer make-up look. Keep in mind that on some days this is even too much effort and I go with the concealer-brows-mascara look depending on my mood and motivation.

I hope you enjoyed this post xx

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  1. I love how it looks but I hate how many steps natural makeup takes. It feels like a natural look should be easier, but your work pays off! It's subtle but flawless.


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