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Monday, March 06, 2017

Today I am going to share with you my latest additions to my beauty and makeup collection. As a university student it is rather rare for me to buy this amounr of beauty products in a short amount of time since that is usually the part where I try to cut costs, even though my little addiction sometimes doesn't really go according to plan. I recently ran out of my favourite perfume ever which is the YSL Black Opium and being restricted to a budget meant that I had to find cheaper alternatives that I liked. This made me purchase a couple of different mini perfumes including these small 30ml Zara perfumes. I did some research and found out that many of Zara's perfumes are actually dupes for designer scents. One thing I can say for certain is that they are definetely beautiful. I will wear every  I might even repurchase a bigger version of the Black Cherry one as it is probably my favourite out of the ones I have and I already received some compliments while wearing it. In addition to this, I decided to get some random mini perfumes from Primark which were £2 each to just throw into my bag and carry around with me.
from left to right: Zara Red Vanilla, Zara Black Amber, Zara Emerald

from left to right: Primark Scandal, Primark Polka

I also visited Blackpool over the weekend and managed to get into a bigger Boots store than in my university town. I was extremely happy when my sister found the NYX counter as we are both big fans of the brand. I decided to get a navy blue eyeliner (looks more navy in real life) which goes with my cheerleading uniform colours, as well as NYX dewy setting spray which is really similar to Mac's Fix+ in my opinion. I do prefer my Urban Decay Allnighter spray when I want to wear my makeup for many hours or a special occasion, but sometimes I like a spray which melts my powders together and gives a more natural look.

 from left to right: NYX Vivid Brights in Vivid Sapphire, NYX dewy finish setting spray

I recently made an order on BeautyBay as well to get this jumbo fan brush from Morphe, which I now use to apply contour powders as well as bronze up my face. I also ordered this gorgeous Milani bronzer based on the recommendation of a recent KathleenLights video on youtube. I like how this product warms up my complexion, gives it a suttle radiance but doesn't look too orange on my rather pale skin.

from left to right: Morphe M143 brush, Milani Baked Bronzer in Dolce

I've been wanting to try a rosewater mist for quite a while and ordered this small bottle on BeautyBay as well. Mario Badescu is a really well-known brand and I've only heard positive reviews on any of their products. I'm really excited to try this spray to refresh my face throughout the day. 
I recently also ran out of oil or serums to put into my hair. Having curly and rather dry hair, it is important for me to use these types of nurrishing products to maintain my hair in a healthy state. It is my first time purchasing Morrocanoil and I'm excited to see if this particularly expensive oil does indeed help me with my dryness or if other alternatives are just as good.

from left to right: Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray, Morrocanoil treatment

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