New in: Velvet Puma Creeper by Rihanna in Glacier Gray review!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I finally managed to get my hands on a pair of Puma Creepers by Rihanna!
I've been wanting to get a pair of these edgy yet sporty shoes since they first launched last year. I initially fell in love with the white tan/suede gum colourway. Then I decided to purchase the pink colourway a few month later in a size bigger than my usual one for the simple reason of really wanting them and not being able to find those for a reasonable price. So I had to send them back and I waited for a re-launch for the pink ones until Puma announced their upcoming velvet collection. When the date was finally released, I set a timer on my phone to be absolutely sure to get my hands on these beauties and they definitely worth it! The material is a slight mix between velvet and suede which makes the shoe more interesting and coutfitan just add more texture to any plain . Luckily the velvet is not too reflective (which I was afraid of) and the grey colour is not as dark as it showed up on some photos on Puma's website.
Now onto the review part: This time I managed to get my actual size which is a UK6/EU39 and they fit perfectly. I have insoles and it is sometimes hard to find shoes where they fit in easily, but I did not have any issues with putting my insoles into these shoes at all. Furthermore the shoe feels really sturdy: the creeper sole makes it slightly heavy but it is nothing compared to the weight of actual creeper shoes, which I like.Also, they are very comfortable and I can see myself wearing these a lot on a casual day or even if I'm going out and want to rock a slightly more sporty, easy-going look. I'm also glad that I picked out this grey colourway because it can easily go with most of my outfits, which makes this purchase more reasonable for me. I bought these off the UK Puma website for 105£, which would be around 125€. However I noticed that the Puma Europe site sells these exact shoes for 150€ which was a massive shock for me. If you think about purchasing these or any Puma product maybe check the price difference on the UK and EU websites beforehand to get the best possible deal. The creepers are unsurprisingly currently out of stock on the Puma website but you can still purchase the shoes on other websites.
Purchase the Puma creepers here: Asos I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to leave me some feedback down below, and I'll speak to you next time x


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