Monday, September 14, 2015

I don’t particularly enjoy taking typical tourist photos because to be totally honest they seem slightly boring to me. I like to take pictures that show little details and I try to make my pictures appear as interesting as possible. These pictures were all taken during last spring when I spend a couple of days in Sweden’s capital with a group from school. The goal of the trip was to get to know people from other countries but also to create a certain amount of photos as a group composed of some of our Luxembourgish and some of the Swedish students. The pictures above were taken on many different occasions and locations that are best known in Stockholm. Overall I think that Stockholm is a beautiful city with very friendly people but having a very different mentality than we do in Western Europe I would say. Generally speaking people didn’t take things as seriously as we did and just wanted to have a good time which is in a sense good but sometimes can be difficult to understand. Anyways I believe that the Scandinavian countries are something one must have seen because they are very diverse, beautiful and very welcoming.

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2 Kommentare

  1. Great pictures! It has been ages since last time I have been to Stockholm, definitely time to come back!


  2. thank you so much:) it is always a great place to visit:) xx


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