Trend Report | 5 Spring/Summer Trends 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hey sweeties,
Today I am sharing with you some of the trends for this spring/summer season.
While I was looking for new pieces to add to my closet, I checked out a ton of different websites and somehow there were many pieces with similarities. For this post I decided to limit myself on the pieces that haven’t been too popular or present at all during the last few years. Last year the biggest trend for me was the skort, in the beginning I wasn’t too keen on it but after a while I got used to these pieces which reminded me of what I used to wear as a little kid. Also I’m not going to separately mention the big sneaker trend which has been present for the past few years. Eve if a different type of sneaker was very popular (New Balance, Nike Free Run, Adidas Stan Smith/Superstars) at a certain point in time, these type of shoes have been around for a longer period.
Ps. Sorry if I included a bit too much Missguided but their products have been on point lately!

  • Wrap/Asymmetrical skirts or dresses

I noticed this trend a lot when I was looking for going out dresses and skirts. I was looking for tight or pencil shaped pieces at that moment and realized that these asymmetrical or wrapped pieces can be found on almost every site. I also think that they're a really cool and fun twist to give your look something special. Personally I also got tired of that whole tight midi skirt trend because I just feel like you do not have any space to move around your legs. These skirts now give more freedom for moving around which I appreciate hehe.

  • Tied sleeves skirts/dresses

This trend might not be everyone's cup of tea but you cannot deny that it is something new and interesting (even if in a negative way to you). The tied sleeves definetely add something fun to your spring/summer looks. Would you give this trend a go or not?
  • Co-ordinates

The matchy-matchy trend has been around for a couple of seasons already. This season the two pieces are however taken to another level. There is a lot more variety than the past seasons (believe me I've tried to find some decent pieces the past years but couldn't find a two piece set that I really liked). I just LOVE how these two piece sets can look all summery and cute or formal or sexy. I can't decide which of these sets I like the best. Probably the second and third one (2nd one is expensive though). Would you pull off the two piece trend?

  • Nude/Neutral shades

To be honest Kim K and her sisters might have influenced the fashion world with their neutral toned clothing. These sand/earth coloured shades are perfect for the upcoming festival season but can also make you very put-together. The fact that I actually picked two jumpsuits and two coats for this collage is actually just a coincidence even if these styles are also very popular. These nude shades are very timeless which is of course great. This means that you will get a lot of use out of nude pieces.

  • Splits

Splits are especially popular down the sides of shirts/jumpers or skirts/dresses this season.This is perfect for the hotter days since it can give you a fresh breeze on your side or on one leg. It also has a very sexy touch to an outfit because one shows off a bit of skin but not too much. However it is important that these splits aren't too high up for it to look classy. For tight skirts it also has the benefit of giving your legs freedom for walking so that you're not squeezed and have trouble moving.

Will you be trying out any of these trends? What are your thoughts on them?

Let me know if you like these kinds of post:) I would like to hear your opinion. xx

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  1. Great! You have a lovely blog! Enjoy the friday, dear!!

    FOLLOW back? :) CHECK my last post here!

  2. oh i love everything you chose to show here and i definitely think you're right about them being the new trends! i already have a tied sleeve skirt which i want to wear as soon as it's warmer and i loove the asymmetrical skirts as well!

    1. thank you, I'm glad you like it:) I think I might get one as well haha, they seem fun:) xx


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