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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Hey sweeties,
Here's a little something I wanted to share since a long time already. Me being a total Youtube fanatic, I found some pretty great channels which I would like to share with all of you. I decided to only show you my favourites. Some of them you may have already have heard of and some probably not.
I decided to show you only my favourite channels in styling because they are a great inspiration and I also believe that you do not need to spend the biggest amount of money to make the most out of it. Some of these styling-queens as I like to call them are students and have to work with what they already have or go thrift shopping (which is not that easy here in Lxg). I hope you have a bit of fun watching them!

N° 1- TheLineup

These two ladies live in Stockholm and are only around the age of 18. Both of them do however have some killer typicial scandinavian style. In their more talky vids one can tell that they are both super sweet.

N°2- Claire Marshall

Besides looking BOMB, this lady is seriously too cool for planet earth. She's already 30 and one can't tell at all! (I think she looks like 24 or something) She currently lives in LA and used to work as a makeup artist. Her makeup and styling skills are on point. She puts a lot of work in all of her videos and one can definitely tell.


Yanin lives in England and is very creative in styling pieces together. Her combos are always very unexpected and fresh looking. Besides that she has a super sweet personality and is fun to watch.

N°4- ToThe9s

Cassie and Ricci are from Canada and have some serious monochromatic styling skills. They are great at styling winter pieces and surprise with their unexpected combinations. Besides that, Ricci is definitely my girl-crush haha.

N°5- Clothesencounters

Jenn Im aka clothesencounters is probably my favourte youtuber ever. She used to live in San Fransisco (which is my fav city I've visited in the US). Now she lives in LA, she has the cutest, loveliest personality and is the most daring when it comes to fashion. Since she's quite short, she always wears very high heels and is always creative with her styling. Her bestie has a Youtube channel as well and is pretty amazing at styling as well: SoothingSista.

N°6- Jenny Ramos

I also wanted to give a shout-out to someone from Luxembourg. Jenny is a young and sweet girl who does amazing videos, where she often talkes about issues and just generally shares her opinion, which is always interesting to listen to.Besides that she does Haul, Tag and some styling videos.

I hope you had fun watching these videos, see you very soon xx

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  1. t'jenn huet wierklech esou e coolen ausgefahlenen style! haat hat an england op engem festival gesin an et war nees sou flott ugedo, wieklech vier jalouse zegin :) xx

    1. hatt ass einfach d'queen hehe:) wow mega chance hehe:)) xx


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