April beauty purchases (Body Shop and drugstore) + UPDATE

Monday, April 20, 2015

I went a little crazy at Body shop but these are products that I ran out of. First there's this mini facial brush which is great to exfoliate with also just for massaging your face. The second product is a cream exfoliator which is used sooo much in the past and it changes my skin a lot. The third product must be my fav of all the body shop products I've previously tried, it's an Overnight Serum and leaves my skin feeling amazing. The last product is an everyday moisturiser. I've been using the dramatically different cream by Clinique for about a year and this just works better for me. It is also great because of its SPF15.

I received this lip gloss for free so I won't be talking about that too much. The lipstick has a very nice creamy finish which I like. This colourful lipstick leaves my lips nice and smooth. I am glad that I finally got around trying one of the body shop lipsticks

Now comes the drugstore part of this post since I am not too sure if body shop can really be considered as drugstore? I bought this Fit Me anti-shine stick in order to use it as a contour shade (because I like defined cheek bones and since I don't have that, got to fake it with makeup haha). Then I also bought the Maybelline dream wonder nude foundation in 20-Cameo. This foundation works fantastic on me and I like the fact that it is so lightweight, especially for the hotter weather.

These are two cream eyeshadows by Bourjois in 06-Bleu ténébreux and 04-Kaki chéri. I am a huge fan of the whole cream eyeshadow trend, I own quite a few from Maybelline (the Bourjois ones cost 2euros less) but I wanted to try out a few more bold ones. I might be using these underneath my lower lash line to add a little bit of colour.

This is the L'Oreal Archistect 4D mascara in waterproof. I've been using the non-waterproof version for about a year now and it gives great length, so if you're looking for something that will really make your lashes look longer, then this will be for you. I is buildable but isn't very volumizing.

So now into my mini-life update. My 3 week schoolbreak is officially over which is super sad but I really enjyed it. Last saturday I went to my first Blogger_lu meet-up, which is basically a community of luxembourgish bloggers if you didn't know that already. I met great people and it was super interesting. Hopefully I will make it to a couple more blogger meetings. 
Tomorrow I will be leaving Luxembourg for almost a week to visit Stockholm with my photography class which is so exciting. I am happy to spend time with my friends and just do touristy stuff. As it is an educational trip for photography class I will be taking a ton of pictures which I will later on put on here. I might as well write a little bit of a Sweden diary if you're interested. I am also planning on doing a couple of outfit shoots in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that. I won't be properly blogging from Stockholm because I won't bring my laptop but if you're interested in seing what we will be up to you can just follow me on my instagram: @goldenbohemian

You can also add me on snapchat: jo_welter

Love you guys xx

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  1. yo jo when are your photos from stockholm online? haha

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