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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hey sweeties,
Today I am just sharing a quick post with you. I am trying to give a little overview of my current favourite basic tops which I use a hell of a lot haha. I hope you enjoy this mini-post. Also I haven't taken pictures of myself properly in a while so it felt sort of strage to post for a camera again, does that happen to you as well?

Oh and by the way my blog will very soon be featured on the internet site of a local newspaper of Luxembourg where they created a space only for luxembourgish blogs which is exciting in my opinion. I feel like it is nice that the luxembourgish blogger comminuty is finally given more credit. This blog for instance already exists since a few years but I've never properly sticked to a schedule and I feel like this is a chance for me as well and I am really excited for this new challenge.
If you want to take a look about the new space for luxembourgish bloggers just click on the logo of the 'Luxemburger Wort' in my sidebar an look for the bloggers page then.
I hope you enjoy
xx Jo

The drapey style of blouse has become more and more popular this past winter. I still feel it can be worn during the upcoming spring season (which is only a couple of days away yaaaaay). I like this one particularly since it has a very thin woven fabric on the front and a sheer back.

Here is one of my favourite shirts eveeeeer. It's from Urban Outfitters and has a really soft material, even after a few washes. I feel like showing off your shoulder and a bit of your back area is always flattering for a woman. I personally like it because it shows off a bit of skin but the right parts and it appears very classy to me. Alse I love this cutout shirt since it can be worn with a casual outfit or even for going out which is a massive PLUS!

The simple white V-neck shirt is one of my favourite staple pieces since it it timeless, goes with everything and is just so easy to style haha. What's not to love? Oh and btw this one's from H&M.

Here comes my crazy love for crop tops haha. The following three shirts are from topshop and they all have a ripped texture which I can't get enough of as you can see. All of them are so easy to wear.

This crop top has long sleeves which is perfect to throw on underneath a leather jacket with some high waited pants. I also love my faux fur gilet from H&M, to be honest I wore this to death this part winter but I feel like it can be worn during the spring time as well (black goes never out of style ha). Also when I bought this last summer, some of my friends were joking why I bought a rug but never mind haha, I wore the hell out of this piece.

I hope you enjoyed this post, the pictures were definitely fun and challenging to take.
Also a huge THANK YOU for all the lovely comments and support lately.

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