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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Hey sweeties,
Today I wanted to show you what I wear for cheerleading practice or working out (which is not very often because I spend too much time at practice already). I personally don't like wearing shorts with jersey material or at least not if I know I will be sweaty later on. I basically always wear my Nike Pro shorts which I have in 4 different colours as you can see below. I also own 3/4 length nike pro pants but they're blue and not very interesting to show to you guys. Anyways I hope you enjoy this post and that it might be helpful to some of you.

It is almost a 'sin' not to have Nike pro shorts as an allstar cheerleader since they are really tight and don't get on your nerves which is sometimes the case with other shorties. These are all in the size Medium (I'm a EU38/UK10) and they fit very nicely. The black ones are slightly shorter since they are my oldest pair. Some time ago Nike started making the shorts a few centimers longer which is a good thing in my opinion. Also they ones with a print on them seem to be slightly tighter but it doesn't change anything for my size.

These two pieces are from GK. The brand is quite well-known for their beautiful (and expensive) gymnastics leotards. They however also design cheerleading practice wear which are basically just shorts and sportsbras. I have to say that the quality of these two products is really good. The fabric of the shorts is slightly thicker than the one from Nike. The sportsbra however looks very nice but might not give enough support to some people. I think that someone with an A-B cup could wear this without an additional bra. But I certainly need another one underneath.
Click here to get to the GK site

These 3 sportsbras are just the BOMB. I mean it is pretty amazing not having to wear a second bra underneath them and they're not even seethrough. I love the pink one because it has adjustable straps which might be a downside for the blue one. The blue one however gives me the best support out of all of them.
The pink and blue ones are from Nike again. The black one also has adjustable straps an is reversible which means that you can also wear it as a white bra. The black one is from Adidas.

Here is  slightly cheaper alternative. This neon sportsbra is from H&M and I have to admit that I think it's super cute. Unfortunately I think only a person with an A might be able to wear this without another bra underneath. Anyways, I think that I still get a lot of use out of this since I wear it to practice with another bra or just to lound around the house.

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Lots of love xx

PS: thanks for the lovely comments on my last posts, this encourages me to keep going:))

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3 Kommentare

  1. What a colorful collection!! I have also this sports bra from H&M and I have the same problem as I don't have big breast it, so it looks like an ironing board :)))) but whatever, I wear it anyway :)))

  2. I love the design of both the red and the black sports bra and the Nike pro shorts look like a lot of fun =) It's really nice that sportswear can be both, comfortable and good looking! I definitely need to check out the Nike collection...

    1. Yes they're great:)) I think it's also more fun if you wear something bright like this:))


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