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Monday, November 03, 2014

Having been to Portugal for 2 weeks I have to say that there are some very beautiful places to discover which I didn't really expect. There are the most beautiful beaches and friendly people (which was a huge surprise), the food and wine are just divine over there. I never really enjoyed seafood but there traditional dishes somehow appealed to me. I visited a few different places including Porto where you can go to many wine caves and taste their Port wine. The city is stunning and has an old flair to it. Then we also travelled to Albufeira which is a small town by the beach where young people go out a lot in the evenings. It is one of the most well-known places to party in the country. There are also plenty of british people visiting. And the last place I visited was Lisabon which is the most modern of all these places I would say. I kind of reminded me of some cities in France or Italy near the beach. I would say that Lisabon and its shopping malls are the best place to go shopping. They literally have everything (Bershka, Pull&Pear, Stradivarius).
I honestly think that Portugal is worth a visit for those of you who might be interested, also the food and shopping is ULTRA cheap which is  a big big big bonus!
I really enjoyed my stay over there in the mostly beautiful hot weather.

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  1. Beautiful photos, I've never been to Portugal.. Looks like it's wonderful there..


  2. OMG I miss Portugal...few Family members still live there! Beautiful Pictures! xo Yaya Van Chique


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