body-shaming/skinny-shaming in the music industry (my opinion)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hello sweeties,

Today I feel like talking about a topic which really bugs me. For some of you it may not be that relevant but I honestly feel the need to speak up about this. I want to talk about those songs which put women and their bodies into categories such as ‘A LL ABOUT THE BASS’ or ‘ANACONDA’.

Some people say that these songs celebrate the female body but to be fair I have to disagree on this. They may celebrate big booties but I honestly hate how they just limit women on their physical appearances. I feel tired of listening to rappers sing about their big bootie bitches and if that wasn’t horrible enough, now some women start limiting themselves on their own bodies too.
Of course you can be proud of your curvy body there’s nothing wrong with that. But why do they have to sing about ‘all these skinny bitches’ as if skinny was a bad thing. I know this trend of skinny-shaming only came along because there was a long period of time when some women were categorized as fat especially in the music industry. This led to this celebrating of curves but does that automatically mean that one should be disrespectful towards skinnier girls? I don’t think so!

I hate how women disrespect other women’s bodies. In my opinion we should stop judging people on how skinny or big they are and start acknowledging our differences because that is what makes us truly unique and beautiful.

I hope you get my point.

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2 Kommentare

  1. I absolutely agree with you on this! Those two songs have been pissing me off for weeks now.

    Hun gesin daat ech an denger Blogroll sin (yaaay :)) ) mee nach mat mengem aalen Link!
    Hoffen du blogs nees mei:)

    1. Merci dass de mech drop opmieksam gemaach hues:)) enneren dann de link an nechster zeit:)
      probeieren mol;)


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