Sunday, February 02, 2014

Hey sweeties,
Ever since I've been little I have been scared to wear hats whether it was a beanie or something like a fedora-hat. Isn't that strange being scared to put something on your head because you are scared of being judged..? I personally feel like no one should be judged by what he wears and this just because people feel like it is out of the ordinary. In Luxembourg I don't see a lot of people wearing Fedora or Bowler hats, I guess that's because everyone is afraid of what people say. Instead everyone wears Obey beanies along with their leggings. I don't want to be judgemental but most girls all look the same here, whether it is this 'swag style' or the 'rich girl look'. Anyways, I will try to wear my Fedora hat in the future and try out new looks. One of my new year's resolutions is to be less scared about what I'm wearing. :) 

I hope you didn't think this post was offensive.


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7 Kommentare

  1. ech fannen du hues esou recht mat desem post! ech hun och nieee hitt un, nemmen heiernsdoo eng mutz, well ech emmer mengen et gif blöd ausgesin etc haha! hun och selwer gemierkt daat ech mech aanescht undoen seit (/wann) ech an england sin, hei gesait wierklech jidfereen selwecht aus! :(

    1. d'fillt een sech einfach direkt verurtdeelt an letzebuerg.. Mais ech mengen an England hunn vill leit mei en individualisteschen stil an sinn deemno wei net grad sou klengkareiert wei verschiddener hei am land:/

  2. thumbs up, stëmmen dir och zou!

  3. lovely post, I love hats! I've been looking for the perfect black wide brimmed one
    Lucia's Loves

  4. I hadn't really realised that until I moved to the UK and you're absolutely right! When I walk around Luxembourg and look at girls' outfits they're all SO similar... But when/if you move abroad you'll see that people dress differently in other cities :)


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