Back to school series-Part 1: Let's face school

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hey sweeties,

This is the first post of my 'back to school' series. For quite a while now I wanted to do some sort of series based on a theme. So here we are. I hope you like this post because I've been working hard on it!

In this post I'll like to show you what kind of make-up I like to wear for school. And what I think is appropriate for it as well. Don't get me wrong: Of course you don't need make-up for school or outside of school! But this is just the kind of make-up look I would wear to school. 

Before I start using make-up, I always try to have a clean face. I use this face wash two times a day to keep my face clean and fresh. I also use this moisturizer before applying foundation and all that jazz!

ONE: I use my L'Oréal Paris MAT' MORPHOSE mousse foundation in APRICOT BEIGE 200. Since this is a mousse foundation I like to use my fingers to blend it nicely into the skin. After that I use a foundation brush to blend it even more.
TWO: As concealer I like to use the essence match2cover! cream concealer. I apply this underneath my eyes to conceal the dark circles as well as on all kinds of blemishes all over my face.
THREE: I use the Maybelline Fit me Pressed Powder in Medium Buff 225 as a face powder. This helps to prevent any shine. I like to apply this powder very gently with my powder brush on my cheeks, my nose, my chin and the middle of my forehead (on my T-zone).
FOUR: I sometimes like to use some blush on the top op my cheeks. Today I used the Benefit bella bamba.
FIVE: I like to use bronzer from time to time as well since it makes you look healthier in my opinion (as long as it's not too much!). I used the Maybelline Dream Sun Triple Bronzing Powder in 01  Blonde. Of course I apply the bronzer with a brush underneath my cheekbones and I slightly contour my face.

SIX: As eyeshadow I use my beloved Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hrs in 35-on and on bronze. So for those of you who don't have any kind of creamy eyeshadow such as this one: I would totally recommend you getting one, they're so worth it and last for a long time. Another good point is that they're so easy to apply. They work best if you just use your finger; the heat of your skin is going to make the blending so much easier for this one. LOVE.
SEVEN: I don't like to apply any color to my lower waterline because it doesn't suit me at all. So I just use the Maybelline Master drama khol liner in Ultra Black on my upper waterline. But of course you can apply your liner wherever you please.
EIGHT: Of course one has to use mascara! I sometimes even use my eyelash curler but today I felt a bit lazy and didn't use it. I use my favorite mascara which is the Maybelline Volum' Express mascara in Glamour Black.
NINE: For school I don't personally like to go too bold with my lip color. That's why I used my Clinique Chubby stick moisturizing lip color balm in woppin' watermelon 06. This lip balm has a very sheer texture to it but I really like it. And girls if you are confident enough to rock a bold lip to school, go ahead and do it! 

That's it for Part 1 of my back to school series, I hope you enjoyed the post.
Take care! 


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  1. Nice make up, I like your eyes shadow :)

  2. Love your make up in this, so pretty!
    Love this post :)


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    1. Thank you so much:) I will take a look at your blog etc:) xx

  3. Hi I want to ask you if you'ld recommend the Maybelline Bronzer ?

  4. hey, I personally think that its a really good bronzer for its price, it has a nice application an smells really good. the only downside is that it breaks really easily but if you're careful that wonmt be a problem:) x


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