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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hey sweeties, I wanted to sure some of the last things I got. Most of them are not particularly exciting but I'll share them anyways.

Which kind of posts would you like to see in the future?

Sally Hansen nail polish in Pink Slip:
I was looking for a nice white-creamy-pink shade so I couldn't resist getting this one. It actually doesn't cover as good as I thought or hoped it would but with a few layers of this you can achieve quite a good  result!

Sephora red lipstick:
I actually never wear something like red lipstick to go out or on a  normal occasion but since I'm in a cheerleading team I thought I would get myself one instead of always borrowing it from a friend. I have to say that this is the first Sephora lipstick I ever bought and to be honest I don't like the formula at all but it was just the cheapest one I could find.

Essence match2cover cream concealer:
I was looking for a new concealer and this one worked pretty well when I first tried it out. Unfortunately it feels like this concealer would glide off my face while I'm in the sun.. which is really disappointing, so I will have to look for another good concealer.
Any suggestions?

H&M sunglasses:
I bought these sunglasses to go to a festival because I didn't want to take my more expensive ones with me. Also because I'm quite clumsy and would end up sitting on them or something like that haha. I think they look pretty decent. The frame is in a kaki-brown color and the glasses have a slight purple tone to it.

This was a present my grandmom brought me from Rome, lovely right?

H&M earrings:
I think it's been years since I bought earrings.. For some reason I don't like most earrings I see in the shops so I was really happy when I found these ones!

See you x

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