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Thursday, October 18, 2012

My birthday was on the 11th of october and I honestly didn't find time to blog anything since then. I've been really busy with school tests, homework and of course training. I thought I'd share the birthday gifts my family and friends picked up for me. For my birthday I invited 15 people and I have nothing to complain about, they were all so nice and everyone was so open and not shy at all to talk to people they haven't met before, and I just had such an amazing time. Holidays are coming closer and closer which means that Ill have more time to blog,  hopefully I can keep my promise this time. See you soon, hopefully xx

 from Urban Outfitter (from my lovely boyfriend who knows exactly what I like)
 (from my sister)
 Mini-Shelf from Urban Outfitters, lilac nailpolish from Sephora (Gina)
Jewellery bird storage from UO
some giftcards 
 Dior Lipstick (from my sister,thank youuuu)
 new iPhone case my lovely girl Shirine made me, pictures are from our holiday in Valledoria
 knit jumper & scarf are from UO (from my lovely mom)
some jewellery Ines & Annick got me! those girls know what I like 


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