Monday, July 02, 2012

Today was our last show and I have to admit that I am really really sad.
We worked for 6 months on the whole show and it's been really hard sometimes. We had to go on our limits, we even went further than that.
And now.. It's over and I just can't believe it. I put so much energy and passion into this show that now that it's over I feel empty. I feel like there was something missing, and also I will miss those girls so much, we won't see us until september (except for those who come to the after party on saturday)y
And as I already mentioned I feel really sad..
BUT it was totally worth the sweat, the tears and the hard work, we all did a fantastic job in my opinion. I had so much fun in the last few days that the days of suffering didn't play a role anymore.
On stage I just fetl happy, it felt like this would be the place I belong to, like I wouldn't have done any other thing before. It was simply amazing. I had some of the best moments of my life, just because it was for myself, I danced because I felt like dancing. I smiled because I felt like smiling!
My favorite moment in every show was the moment the curtain opened, and all the people went insane and screamed an stood up because they loved what we were doing.
And I love so much being part of this fantastic dance school!
This was probably the best time of my life until now.

'école de danse Sara Eden'


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