Saturday, March 10, 2012

I know its been a while since I last updated my blog and I'm so sorry about that,
 but lately I've been very busy and didn't even find time to sleep enough. I had a quite heavy week.
But I have to announce something really exciting, the upcoming holiday I'm going toooooooo: 
BARCELONA & LONDON!:D I'm so super excited for it:) 
So what I did this evening was checking out Topshop's new designs and items 
and here are some of my favourites which I'll possibly buy
in Barcelona or in London:).
Let me know what you think!:)
kissessss xoxoxo

can't decide which ones are the presttiest? HELP ME!

which one?:(

I just love her hair (and also her jumper) so much!:)

Here's also a song I wanted to share with you which is from an albanian singer who's living in
London. She has been signed by Jay-Z's record label and I just love her voice and her unique style,
so here she is, Mrs. RITA ORA! <333333

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